Max Chain is Rockanopolis


Rockanopolis literally means “the city of rock nʼ roll,” and my goal is to write a bunch of songs, for, and about people I meet around the world. Sign in and enjoy the music!

Max Chain


Kingsley Took My Pic


"New Year's Eve, 2014. Brisbane. I met a mate named Kingsley who took my picture with an old, fold-out Polaroid, the likes of which I hadn't seen in years. Black and white, That's right."

She Draws A City


"... a beautiful Spaniard girl laid out a blank paper 20 feet away, put out a tip jar, and started drawing the city of Amsterdam. (1991), The Netherlands."

Drink Your Kisses


"1988. Recorded at Paramount Studios, in Los Angeles, this is another of my favorite Quality Brother songs."

Did I Say That Out Loud?


"From "Whisper Words," (the BBD album), a more upbeat rendition I coined in 2011, while playing solo in Brazil... so the girls could dance."

Careful With You


"This was written in 1999, with Johnny Hawthorn, on a beautiful groove he laid down for me. The lyrics flowed out like a gentle river."

We Should All Look For Love


"While rehearsing “Tell Me,” my bass player got bored and wanted to move on to another song. I always remembered that, and, when I made my first trip to Brazil, I gave the song a makeover, and it turned out quite beautiful."