Rockanopolis was in BRAZIL!



The Prize Above Your Head


"I wrote this song in April of 2013, with the intent to replace "One Shining Moment," by David Barrett, played after the NCAA Men’s Championships."

Hang On To Hope


"I got depressed. I fell into the abyss. Then I started dreaming again, not regretting my choices anymore, So this site is me, pulling myself back up."

I Need That Rain


"I wrote this song in 1994. I was missing my girl, as you will understand when you listen. (Funny, that. I didn't have a girl at the time.)"

My Birthday Apple Pie


"I wrote this one in 2013 on my birthday, it’s about, uh...about a girl. I was drinking apple pie moon-shine, and drowning in my sorrow."

Brand O’ Lovin’


"I wrote this one in 2006, uh...about a girl. She had let me go, wrecked my heart, yet I still saw her all the time at my club--with new boyfriends."